Why Choose Virgin Mobile?

Heartfelt Service

We give heartfelt service. Our people are warm, honest and authentic. Everything we do says ‘we give a damn’.

Delightfully Surprising

We like to surprise and make people smile. We want to defy expectations, coming up with fresh ways of doing things and delivering those memorable little touches.

Insatiable Curiosity

We’re always restless, always curious. We want to know what makes people tick and constantly ask ‘what if?’ and ‘why the hell not?’

Smart Disruption

We love to outsmart the competition. Challenging the status quo we sidestep predictable thinking to punch above our weight.


Straight Up

We play it straight. Honest and decent, we want to do the right thing for the customer and believe that what is good for profit can be good for people and the world we live in.

Red Hot Relevance

We create red hot brand experiences. Irresistible and sensational services sealed with great value and fabulous quality.